New Year’s Resolution – to start up a blog!

Hey, cool dudes! As I promised, I will introduce you to the one who encouraged me to the crazy idea of blogging. There he is, Panda Mccluskey.

panda w pubieAs you can see, he is a really funny fellow.

We went to the pub in the centre of Glasgow for one small glass of beer, maybe two, or maybe three (anyway, it is still less than 8 pints per week recommended recently by the British Gov.). As everyone knows, talking is the most productive when drinking beer. Mccluskey may not seem very social but in fact, he is a really chatty chap   (I have always liked him for that). As a new year started, we concluded, we need to do something really cool. Something we will be remembered for by humanity – after all, we will not stay forever young. I hope, though, this is not a premature symptom of the midlife crisis.

met w pubie Very much premature, indeed. Anyway, we found out we have to start to write something, as a matter of fact, everyone is writing these days.

M w pubieIn order to write a book, I would have to go to India all together with other authors searching for inspiration and herbs. But it is so much easier to start a blog!

New Year’s Resolution – to start up a blog!