Walking down the streets of Bologna

Before arriving at Bologna, the city of a famous university I do not waist time and study a little bit.


train to bologna


Although it is morning, the sun is already very intensive.


sun in bologna


Fortunately, almost everywhere in the city of Bologna, there is an ingenious system of arcade walkways along the streets.


bologna walkway


Some of them are beautifully decorated with memorials of the marvellous story of the city.


bologna walkway


Are you curious where they can lead you?


bologna tourism


Maybe to a museum.


bologna museum


Maybe to a church.


perfect gifts


To a library.


animals books


For shopping.


bologna shopping


Or to a restaurant.


bologna main square


But today I have to visit a particular place.


weasel in the city


I have an appointment with my personal tailor of very feminine outfits.


what to wear in bologna


After all, the trying on I have been extremely tired


tired animal


The only thing I wanted was to take a rest.




And I had beautiful colourful dreams




See you tomorrow, in Bologna.


XoXo, Weasel Lasica


to be continued…