Endless mysteries on Procida

Hi All. This is my last relation from the beautiful island of Procida.


This time something about life of the habitants. There are some curiosities about them.
My favourite once are the following:


They enter their homes using the back of a donkey!


procida visit


They eat bulls’ tongues!




They celebrate strange mysteries!


procida easter


Moreover, I will tell you about plants they cultivate.


procida lemons


And at last, we will see some images of the streets.


streets proceed



Let start. It is said that people from Procida enter their homes using the back of a donkey. Indeed, in this way they name the outside stairs typical for the local architecture. See these pictures and  see if this name is proper.


procida donkey


mediterreniancity italy


They eat bulls’ tongues… But do not worry, animals are not  in danger.  The bull’s tongue from Procida is the name of a delicious pastry you can eat only on the island. Even in Naples where people love sweets, this one is unknown. Maybe, the recipe for the lemon cream that fills the pastry is a local secret. The name is of course due to its shape.


perfect gift


fortune gifts


Talking about secrets and mysteries. People living here celebrate the Easter mysteries, especially Good Friday, in a particular way. They organise loud and crowd processions in which they carry platforms with scenes from the Bible. The culmination of the procession is the statue of Saint Marry Lady of Sorrows. Spectacular.


italy easter


procida mysteries


procida what to see


italy visit


procession procida


dolorosa sorrow saint marry


visit naples


On Procida lemons are more robust than anywhere else. Perfect for the tongue of a bull :) But not only lemons are cultivated here. Let’s see and enjoy views from Procida.








gifts fortune


funny gifts




At last some pictures about the streets of Procida


funny gifts


funny gifts


italian streets


turism procida


and some street heART <3


heart street art


From lovely Procida, It is me


teddy bear clothes


XoXo. Metody