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Hi my Friends! In order to introduce some diversity into my blog (as it is a lifestyle blog), I propose you today a journey into the world of taste.  Let me introduce the best plushie Cook I’ve ever met. Wentylek the Monkey  is my friend and he has his own blog about cooking, baking, and preparation of the drinks. Usually, you can find his recipes on his Facebook page: Wentylek Maupa. As every great cook, he has his assistant Chupachups (this buffy guy on the left). Ladies and Gents, I leave you with Master Wentylek :)

Hi everyone. I am Wentylek and this is my assistant Chupachups.


It is our pleasure to show you today how to make a teacake with dried fruit which seems to be one of the easiest teacakes ever, so let’s call it extravagantly “The easy Teacake with dried fruit”

tea cake


1 block of baking fat 250g

3 cubs of flour (approx. 420g)

5/8 cubs of Icing sugar (85g)

4 eggs

1 cub (approx.. 150 g) of dried fruit

1 ½ spoons of baking soda

What we need:



Electricity or gas

A baking pan for cake

A cooking mitten because we really want to keep our little hands safe

A Timer or a watch

  1. We start with separating egg yolks from whites

(We succeeded with 27th egg :p )

italian food

  1. We’re sieving the flour, Chupachups was really helpful here

    funny animals


  1. Now, we are adding the dried fruit and baking soda to flour

    tasty gifts

  2. We are stirring until everything is nicely combined

    plush clothes

  3. We are blending icing sugar with baking fat – we used food mixer because we believe in modern technology. If you don’t have a mixer thought, you can use a wooden pestle to blend 

    mixer bosh

  4. When the baking fat and icing sugar are once blended, we are adding egg yolks made by hens J gradually and we blend everything again (we are still using mixer)

    organic food

  5. We add the flour with dried fruit to the blended products…and we mix!

The dough is quite dry but don’t worry, it is gonna be all right

home cakes

  1. The white eggs waiting for the right moment should be beaten until stiff now


  1. We add stiff beaten white to the rest of the dough

sock monckey

  1. We mix until everything is nicely combined

easy kitchen

  1. We put the dough to the baking pan (we greased it first with some butter and sprinkled with breadcrumbs)

We roll out the dough to make it nice and plain – we don’t have to use the tool level – it is not the Christmas tree 😉

easy cakes

  1. We put it to the previously preheated oven to 180 ° for around 45 minutes, then, we need to check whether the cake is ready, so we put the wooden stick to see if it is already dry

funny monckey

  1. We are waiting! We are allowed to watch but we don’t have tocook
  2. Finally, we take our tasty buddy out and admiring until it is very hot

tasty cake

  1. We nicely put our cake on the plate or anything we want and consume

Watch out, within the holidays time the calories have days off so they are not in the cake but somewhere else

do yourself backing

Thank You Wentylek and Chupachups for showing us how to make this marvelous cake. I must say that I tried it and it is delicious!

If you want more receipts from Wentylek just drop me a line.

XoXo, Metody, Wentylek and Chupachups

2 thoughts on “Plushie Teacake”

    1. To prawda, Wentylek to mistrz. Jak mnie Łasica zagoni do kuchni to gotuje, ale jak to niedźwiedź wolę zawsze przyjść na gotowe :)

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