My Queen and Me – Queen’s 90th birthday

Welcome, everyone!

Today, I will tell you the story how I met the Queen. Btw. it will be also about clothes, my clothes.
lasica weasel
When I look around I think that one is born with the style and another not. Poor people. Wearing this? for the meeting with the Queen?
funny animals
Everything prepared.
And here she is.
plushie clothes
Lovely car.
The great secret of the day is, of course, which colours chose the Queen.
teddy bear clothes
Blue! I new it!
queen elisabeth
Do not ask how I guessed. It is just the woman’s intuition… And, of course, high fashion sense.
queen scotland
This way Your Majesty! I love to be helpful.
funny gifts
Ok. She found it.
blue jacket
I told them to stick the “PULL” label.
Oh, Gosh, Goodbye, my dear.
good bye
See you next time at your place.

XoXo Love, Your Weasel Lasica