Metody 100% Capri

Today I will try to give you a taste of what it means that something is 100% Capri.


capri what to eat
We need to wake up early morning and take a ferry from the city of Salerno.


salerno capri travel


On our way we will see several small cities of the Amalfi coast,


amalfi coast travel


and several small islands.


naples islands


naples visit


Finally, we arrive at the island of Capri. When you reach the island you will find a nice place, but this is not yet what all are looking for.


capri travel tips


You will appreciate how huge is this mountain if you realise that Capri is on the top!!!!


capri port


Just imagine climbing thousands of steps during hot Italian summer. Here I am only on the half way up;


capri how to get


Whaaaat? There was a funicular???? Why didn’t anyone tell me about it?


capri funicular


Beautiful view allows me to forget these steps.


capri view see




Let me first find out where to go


capri map


From the small main square of the city


capri main square restaurants


capri restaurants


we enter into a street full of luxury boutiques and restaurants


capri shopping


capri coffee


capri see food pizza


capri plants


On the way, we admire breathtaking views


capri tourism


capri bay


Now we are close to the place everyone wants to see


capri hotels


capri wine


capri souvenirs


capri yaht


Do not look down if you have the fear of height.


capri blue cave




capri hotel stars


It seems to be the place everyone dreams about during the holiday.


capri view


…if they only were here alone…


capri weekend


capri travel tips


capri how to get


capri by boat cheap


Next time I will tell something more about history and legend of this place and I will find more secluded places of the island.


capri what to see


You are ivited :)


XoXo, Metody the Bear