Metody in search of lost place.

One day, somewhere, I found such a picture

Procida ceramics

I asked myself ‘What is this place’? Being a traveler, my curiosity was enormous. I felt that I must find out if this picture shows a real place or not.

metody the bear

Initially, I thought that I will quickly forget this place, but I couldn’t. Even drinking didn’t help.

italy alcohol

I decided to start my research… eating (of course!)

naples food

I read many books,

travel books

…in many languages,

chinese book

I asked in bars (usually, there is no gossip they do not know)

procida bar

I asked a lot of people, but everyone just turned his back.

how to get to procida

However, I knew that somewhere, there is the place that excited my curiosity so much. ‘I’ll make every effort to find out’ – I thought.

vesuvio italy

I couldn’t sleep.

teddy bear clothes

I couldn’t eat.

eat fish

My food was eaten by cats

cat reddish

cat white

cat brown

cat grey

And birds

beard with

bird watch

I walked there and back without a goal. Without finding peace.

teddy bear shoes

I felt like a homeless dog.


I prayed.


church ceiling


Then, at last…


After a long research on the earth and in heaven


I found something…

plushy toys

I found some trace

craft toys

I found a member of a secret brotherhood


He told me about one old witch


who told me that this place exists, and where it is. I went there immediately.

craft gifts

I felt excited,

funny gifts

I felt like…

perfect gift

…like I was in the “Cat Fish”, in front of the door of the person I am not sure is real.

cat fish

Did I find it? What is the place?

funny teddy bear

Was it real…

photo unsharp

Or maybe I found there only a disappointing something…

ugly place

You will found out in the next episode.

sea bear

Stay with me. XoXo. Metody the Bear. Brrrr.