Lovely Weasel Lasica and Amalfi from her point of view

Welcome everyone. As I promised, this post will be written by my girlfriend Lovely Weasel Lasica. I am sure you will love her :)

Hi, it’s me. Weasel Lasica. I’m coming to Amalfi.

teddy bear clothes

It is a quite small city. I hope I won’t be bored here. Let me see what they have here.

amalfi coffee

Fountain, lovely.

teddy bear fashion

Postcards, nice.

post cards

Stairs, oh Gosh…

stairs amalfi tourism

Cathedral, also nice, but these steps…

amalfi visit

I am not used to climbing. Let’s rest and have some sun.

amalfi sunbath

weasel thinking

Ok. I do not wanna sightseeing any longer.

animals in italy


And Amalfi is a perfect place to do that.
Let me enter here.

DSC01678 (Kopiowanie) (Kopiowanie)

Yes, definitely, I like it.

positano fabric

The Positano fashion started to be popular between the 50’s and the 60’s of the last century as comfortable and, in general, fantastic clothes for the beach. Many famous people from all around the world like the Hollywood stars spending here their holidays fell in love with this type of clothes and made them famous.

positano dress

Just feel this softness…

soft fabric

and colours…

colourful fabric

I love clothes.

weasel shy

But fashion it is not everything I can buy here… Lemons

amalfi lemons

sweets and alcohol



viagra natural

sea souvenirs. Amalfi is a Paradise.

amalfi coast sea

These beautiful shells. I want them, too.

sea amalfi

But Amalfi means the ceramic.

painted ceramic

Just look!

ceramic amalfi


They are greater than me. How can I take them home?

painted ceramic amalfi

I want these, too.

amalfi shop

How lovely.

amalfi what to see

After all this crazy shopping, I’m dying.

amalfi flowers

Just take me home.

amalfi how to get there

XoXo. Baci, baci. Lasica <3

2 thoughts on “Lovely Weasel Lasica and Amalfi from her point of view”

  1. No, proszę Panstwa! Łasica daje radę! Pięknie!:) Nasza pluszowa bloggerka modowa!:*
    Ps.Są hece! Moi ponoć jadą w lipcu do Italii! Nie wiem, jechać czy nie?;)

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