Amazing Amalfi

Welcome everyone. It is my pleasure to host you today in Amalfi. I would like to tell you the story about this particular place. To do that I start with this picture because I found it full of items which are typical for Amalfi. First of all, can you see the white cross on the blue background? It is the flag of Amalfi which in the Middle Ages was such a powerful city that governed the trade of all the Mediterranean See.


amalfi coffee


Indeed, Amalfi like Venice several centuries later was a republic. Alike Venice, Amalfi was governed by a Doge. The palace of this one of the most powerful men of these times was situated on the place where now I drink this lovely coffee.


Walking down the streets of Amalfi you can see the white cross on the blue background many times.


amalfi house


amalfi window


amalfi tourism


amalfi what to see


amalfi transport


Look also at these cups I drink my coffee from. Nowadays the hand painted ceramics is a symbol of the craft of the region of Amalfi. Especially the ceramic painted with beards like this one are produced in the beautiful city of Vietri sul Mare I hope to show you more about it soon.


amalfi restaurant


On the banner behind me you can read what of the local special cuisine you can eat here. Caprese is of course famous Italian speciality. Buffalo – people say that there is nothing better than fresh cheese – mozarella di bufalo from the region of Campania. Only if you are very lucky you can find this cheese in other regions of Italy. The next speciality is of course the see food with salads.


amalfi see food


amalfi fish


You can find the fish also as a decoration or a religious motive.


amalfi art


amalfi andrew


Why is this restaurant called Resto’? It allows us to hear how the local language of Naples and entire region sounds. The characteristic is the fact that this language strongly shortens the words. It is more vivid and explosive than typical Italian.


amalfi coffee


In the picture above, there is also a fragment of a tree. Without any doubts, it is a lemon tree. The best lemons in the world are cultivated in the hardly accessible shores of the Amalfi coast. Look for instance here.


amalfi lemon


From these lemons, local people produce alcoholic liquor called the limoncello. And the famous ice cream known from the song of Paolo Conte entitled ‘gelato al limon’.


amalfi ice cream


Here the song from the Youtube


The lady in the blue dress behind me is wearing pieces of the Positano fashion. About Positano, see one of my first posts on this Blog. About the Positano fashion, my girlfriend Lovely Weasel Lasica will tell you in the next post.


amalfi restaurant


From the Doge’s place follow me to visit the Saint Andrew Cathedral of Amalfi.


amalfi houses


amalfi where to go


teddy bear clothes


Saint Andrew is the patron saint of many countries, for instance, Russia and Scotland. Here in Amalfi, there is a grave of this saint brought here from Constantinople in the time when Amalfi was the great power.


saint andrew


The grave is situated on the lowest level of the amazing Amalfi cathedral built originally in Norman style with many elements of the finest byzantine art. Let us contemplate this treasure.


duomo amalfi


amalfi art


amalfi norman art


art animals


animals art


amalfi coast


amalfi travel


amalfi church


byzantine doors


byzantine art


From Amalfi with love.




Metody the Bear.


XoXo :)

4 thoughts on “Amazing Amalfi”

    1. Thanks, Jeremy! It is a very nice thing to hear :) There is gonna be another post about Amalfi and I hope you will enjoy it! You made my BEARY day! Have an awesome weekend!

  1. Bardzo przepięknościowo! Bardzo! Napiłbym się dobrej kawki z miodem w kafejce
    Ty bardzo dużo zwiedzasz. To wspaniałe. Ja bym tez zwiedzał, tylko polka mnie trzyma. Ale rusze! Zobaczysz! Caluski!

    1. Hej Jorg 😀 Aleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee super ( będę się domagał kartki z widoczkiem) ! Ja to jestem kawoholikiem, z miodem i z kardamonem to moja ulubiona i oczywiście w czajniczku mocca albo jeszcze lepiej w kafejce neapolitańskiej 😀 Buziaki <3

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