Mysterious island

In the previous episode:

I found such a picture…

Procida ceramics

must find out if it shows a real place…

chinese book

I couldn’t eat…

eat fish

…a member of a secret brotherhood…


…like I was in the “Cat Fish”, in front of the door of the person I am not sure is real.

craft gifts

Here is how the story continues.

I departed from Naples.

golf of naples

The ferry took me to an island. After dropping anchor I started to explore this place.

It was a marvellous place. Look at some pictures.

procida travel

In some places, I found fine examples of the oriental style.

oriental architecture
But in general, we admire here the extraordinary natural Mediterranean style of architecture.

Arches, outside staircases and terraces are typical here.
arches staircases teraces
Pay your attention to pastel colours of the buildings.
And these landscapes.
procida landscape
procida holiday
procida sightseeing
procida island
Can you see volcano Vesuvius over there?
procida visit
naples travel blog

traveling blog
And there on the top of this hill is the old palace, later used to be a prison, now waits for new ideas.
teddy bear clothes
It is not hard to guess what is the primary occupation of the people here.
teddy bear network
proceed how to get
And this is the primary occupation of the animals of the island.
sweet kitty


OK. But where is the place I am looking for?
funny gifts
I think it is that way.
procida island
But not here
fortune gifts
I feel that I am close
teddy bear clothes

It exists!!!

Procida ceramicsprocida church
I cannot believe I am really here. I know that it sounds crazy. Is it possible that I am so excited in this quite ordinary place?
excited bear
You can found many places that are more beautiful or even more ordered and nicer.
But for travellers, places have their unique magic even if there are inconspicuous.
travel blog
You do not know why, but for someone one small


this is the name of the island, is valid more than Rome and Naples with all their treasures.
italy travel blog
Do you know what I mean?
boats travel blog
From Procida yours Metody the Bear.
funny animals

Ps. Next time we will find out more about strange life and habits of the islanders.
procida misteria
Stay with me. XoXo