Metody the bear conquers Palermo

Welcome to Palermo, the capital city of Sicily. One life is probably too short to explore everything here, so let’s not waste time and just start.

palermo cathedral church

First, a short summary. I will take you for a walk through the city where we will see: examples of breathtaking, super-rich baroque of Sicily,
palermo jesuits church
records of the Arabic history of the island,
palermo arabic art
amazing architecture of streets and places,
palermo pretoria fountain
and last but not least (and for some maybe the most important) I will show you where to eat without limits.
palermo vegetarian food
So, feel as you took a fairy carriage, like this one behind me, and follow me.
palermo cathedral place with baroque carriage

What to see in Palermo, baroque art

The first impression about Palermo is that it is quite a disordered city.
However, you will forget about all this chaos when you realise that there are thousand of years of history under your, not necessary BEARY, feet. If you start to doubt if it is a right place for holidays, just enter to a first randomly chosen church in the downtown of Palermo. I will give you some taste of what you can see there. Remember that it is only a little bit… Here some details from the Jesuit church.
palermo baroque art jesutit church
palermo baroque art inlaid marble
The Dominican church and the place in front of it with its marvellous sculptures:
palermo domenican church
baroque art palermo
baroque sculpture
If you wander around and you are lucky you will find the Immacolata Concezione church. It is a perfect place to admire the art of inlaid marble, you cannot see anything similar anywhere in the world.
baroque architecture
inlaid marble sicily
inlaid marble baroque art

Arabic art in Palermo

The cathedral of Palermo owns its original shape and ornaments to the fact that it used to serve as the Muslim mosque.
palermo cathedral
tower palms
palermo duomo arabic art
palermo cathedral arabic art
arabic art europe
An example of Arabic architecture can be found also in the shape of the st. Cataldo church. Do you feel like in Cairo or Istanbul?
arabic art europe cataldo

Where to eat in Palermo

My favourite part of the day is the lunch consisted in the best things Palermo can offer you. In front of the Teatro Massimo, there are the streets famous for the production of theatrical dolls and good food.
via orologio palermo
 On via Orologio you can find a nice restaurant where you pay once something like 10 Euros and you can eat without limits. Useful tip: think well first about an optimal strategy. If you start with the pasta you will be full before trying half of the things. Here are my plates: this one
palermo vegetarian food
and this one
traditional food palermo
and another one
traditional food italy
and yet another one
traditional dishes sicily
Now I need some help to move!!!! Aiuto!

Palermo what else to see before the night

Meantime during the sunset. There is nothing more pleasant than walking through Palermo immersed in the sunset light. Do not miss the place with the amazing Pretoria fountain.
pretoria fountain baroque art
pretoria fountain baroque sculptures
 Too tired to walk? Take a three-wheel taxi near the Martorana church,
martorana church palermo tourism
or a carriage pulled by a horse from the Quattro Canti (Four corners) place. (I recommend the carriage only during the evenings. The days are too hot for the horses.)
quattro canti palermo tourism
More wonders from Palermo and the area soon.
italian coffee
XoXo, Metody the bear.
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