Milan I am comming


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and Gentlemen…

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et Messieurs…

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Today I’ll take you to a special place, the only one of this kind. The city of richness,

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and fun.

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Welcome to Milan!!!!

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In the common opinion Milan exists not only as one of the beautiful Italian cities.

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As New York, Paris, London or Tokyo, Milan is a real international capital. Everyone wants to be here. Let us check why.

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I know that you are bursting with impatience to start;

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and is a little bit cold.

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So let’s start our travel through the Milan fashion district.

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In a while, you will see incredible wonders.

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At the beginning: warming up with gold!

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Here you will find signs of the spring earlier than anywhere else.

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… I can even see some signs of the summer…

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There are incredible elegant things….

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and thing less official, but do not think that these are cheaper….

I knew it! Bears enter to fashion.

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And shoes, everywhere the shooooooooes…

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These shoes deserve a selfie.

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I’m getting mad from all these shoes… Show me something different…

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Oh Gosh, bags…

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I bought this one, for some special occasion.

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But about this, next time, when I’ll show you a different face of Milan.

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XoXo, Metody the bear.