Paris mon amour…

Hi Guys. Today, guess what… Paris! Are you excited? I am bearrrry.

notre dame de paris

There is nothing more pleasant in life than visiting friends in Paris.


This time I spend here two days. I am looking forward to reporting you everything. Here is the plan in short.

I will show you how it is beautiful to live in Belleville district.

paris belleville

We will visit some famous places…

paris the seine

Some of them very old and gothic.

sainte chapelle

In the Luxembourg Garden, I will show you how the real bear’s Parish fashion should look like.

jardin du luxembourg luxembourg garden

And the motive of food and street bars will come back many times.

paris restaurant

Beautiful life in Belleville

Let’s start. This is my friend Francois from Paris. He is living in Belleville district that is a really great place to live when you are a young bear from Paris. He is very hospitable and has very good taste for food.

typical french food

And this is is the view from his window.

belleville paris

belleville district

Ok. Now, let’s go to see the city.

belleville paris

Of course, you cannot start without a cup of coffee.

french caffee

Thinking about Paris

Now, we are ready to see Paris… the city of love,

marilyn monroe

the city of art, the low art…

paris art montmartre

and the city of high art, or very high…

sainte chapelle stained glass

and also the city of style – the life style.

paris sorbonne square

Paris, walking down the streets

These colourful drawings attract my eyes like a magnet. I like them.

paris souvenirs

But colourful stained glasses from the Sainte Chapelle make me crazy.

sainte chapelle stained glasses

visit sainte chapelle

sainte chapelle paris

The ice cream is always good, especially when you can admire the gothic style of the Notre Dame cathedral.

ice cream paris

Meanwhile, why not another coffee and sweets.

paris sweets

Now, how to get to the Eiffel Tower? Quite complicated. Fortunately, I am a real subway animal.

paris metro underground subway

Oh, here it is. Sorry. I could not resist taking this photo.

eiffel tower picture

In Paris, you can see exhibitions of legendary fashion designers.

paris fashion

Metody, the first Teddybear fashion blogger

Regarding fashion. Here I decided to experiment with my hidden desire to be a fashion blogger… This is what I recommend for the nice afternoon in the Luxembourg Garden. I choose my look to be simple but elegant. Just like the people around.

luxembourg garden

A grey vest harmonises with the colour of the palace and contrasts with the greenery of the surrounding.

teddybear clothes

The stripped sailor style shirt – inspired by those who steer toy boats on the lake. Besides of that, it is a far reminiscence of Coco Channel. J’adore!

luxembourg garden pond

In this season, you can play with styles joining an elegant shirt with casual jeans. The shirt out of the trousers and disordered hair show that you do not care too much – this is the style of Paris. And look… I could die for these lovely must have moccasins…


Don’t forget about the accessories. The Gold Eiffel Tower brooch underlines your attachment to tradition. Sexxxy.

look of the day

Wearing this, you look great even with a piece of baguette.

metody baguette

In the afternoon, the baguette from my breakfast was completely dry. So I decided to try some other local specials. The best sushi is only on the Place Monge.

paris sushi place monge

Paris in the morning

I wanted to start my second day in Paris with having a morning coffee.
Oh. I thought I wake up late, and some bars are still not ready.

paris breackfast

Nevermind. Today is the shopping day. Once more I felt the nature of a fashion designer.

fabric paris

In shopping, I need some privacy. So see you soon in another capital city.

XoXo. Metody the Bear

2 thoughts on “Paris mon amour…”

  1. Metody, wygladasz oszałamiająco stylowo i parysko! Te mokasyny! To naprawdę świetny pomysl z tym blogiem. Moda dla misiów. Poza tym bardzo mi sie podoba ten Paryz. Nie byłem, ale moj kumpel z Mis Ryś był. On jest taki malutki, ze sie miesci w kieszonce i jezdzi po swiecie. Nie boi sie. Był w tym Paryzu i mowi ze najfajniej w tej kaplica z witrazami. I ze tam byly jakies przygody, bo to przy sądzie jest i musiał na jakiejś kontroli z kieszeni wyskakiwac. Takie hece. Pozdrawiam Cie i dziękuję za piękne zdjecia!

    1. Dziękuję za miłe słowa 😀 Paryż jest super. Szkoda że się nie spotkaliśmy z Rysiem w Paryżu- poszlibyśmy na wino i kruasanta do kafejki 😀 Buziaki

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