Metody visits Saint Rosalia, Messina and comes back to Italy

Hello, everyone! I continue my journey through Sicily.

folk art

Today the plan is what follows:

I will visit a mysterious cave in the rock of particular importance for inhabitants of Palermo.

saint rosalia cave

The Sicilian guards will show me what souvenirs to bring from Sicily.

italian souvenirs

Finally, I will say goodbye to Sicily in Messina.


Trip in the Palermo’s area

On a mountain not far from Palermo, there is a strange church, which is really a big cave.

santa rosalia palermo sanctuary

saint rosalia church

saint mary santa rosalia church

It is the sanctuary of St. Rosalia – the patron saint of Palermo. You can see from these pictures how she is worshiped by the citizens.

saint rosalia in gold clothes

saint rosalia grave

St. Rosalia has been believed to be the miraculous defender of Palermo against invaders. However, as you can see, she can help if you want to stop smoking, win a championship in soccer or get the master degree.

saint rosalia votives

This guy looks like my personal patron saint.

saint with children

Sicily craft gifts

Near the sanctuary, I met these guys. The knights I met several times in Sicily are examples of typical regional products and perfect souvenirs. The dolls are produced especially in the area of via Orologio in Palermo, where you can see also some theatrical performances the puppets play in.

palermo sicilian puppets

They offered to show me what I can bring back from Palermo. I hope to find something special for my Lovely Weasel. Just have a look

gifts hand craft

gifts cups

Visit Messina

From Palermo, I took the train to Messina.

messina fountain

messina cathedral duomo

Waiting for the train which was to take me back I had time to visit some places.

“Excuse me, kind Sir, which way should I go?”

messina norman art duomo

“Thanks buddy.” This church has been built by Normans.

messina cathedral interior baroque art

Who is the king of the jungle?

teddy bear gold crown

How to get from Sicily to Italy?

Together with the entire train, I have been loaded on the board of a ferry from Messina to the continental part of Italy. Here is the last glimpse at Sicily from the ferry…

sicily panoramic view

Oh boy, I will miss it…

sicily ferry

On the other hand, when one story finishes…

reggio port

another one starts…

reggio calabria port

I’m looking forward to the next adventures.

teddy bear metody

And in this way, I finished my holidays in Sicily. I hope to come back one day.

hand made gift

Metody the bear.

4 thoughts on “Metody visits Saint Rosalia, Messina and comes back to Italy”

  1. Ale superowski kościół! Dużo fajnych spraw oglądałeś! No i jesteś najlepszym pluszowym fotografem. Piękne te misio-foty. Szkoda, że juz nie będzie o Sycylii. Ale o Italii jeszcze mi cos skrobniesz, nie?:)

    1. Dzięki, ale w tak pięknej Sycylii to by wyszły fajnie zdjęcia zrobione nawet kalkulatorem 😀 Nie martw się Jorgu, o Italii będzie jeszcze dużo wpisów 😀 Baaaaaaaaaaardzo się cieszę, że mam tak wiernego czytelnika <3 Dzwiedzie Uściski!

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