Metody again in Palermo

Hello folks! Today we are again in Palermo.

Palermo San Domenico

This time, we plan:

to glimpse quickly at the Capella Palatina in the Palermo’s castle,

capella palatina palermo

to see the places of Palermo from above,

palermo cathedral place

and to say what to eat and where to buy it.

palermo food

It is a lot to do, so, let me check my camera…

teddy bear camera

and let’s go!

palermo piazza san domenico

If someone cannot go tho Monreale, it is possible to visit some pieces of heaven also in Palermo. Capella Palatina in the Palermo’s castle is also covered with golden and colourful mosaics in the Byzantine style.

palermo capella palatina interior

palermo capella palatina mosaic

Some Palermo’s places imaged from the windows of surrounding palaces look like that

palermo cathedral church

palermo horse carriage

palermo baroque monument

After all this photographic work, let’s have a coffee in a nice environment

palermo arcades

palermo coffee

or, if you prefer, more lively places and the ice creme.

palermo icecream

palermo restaurant

With the coffee, you may want to try the cannolo. It is a traditional cake from Sicily filled with the almond cream. The almonds like the marzipan from Ragusa remind the Arab history of Sicily.


A hungry bear won’t starve to death in Palermo. One can buy very good food from many street markets. For instance, the famous one is the mercado della Vucciria.

palermo street market

You can buy there not only the food.

palermo souvenir

Regarding food, I prefer the place I already know (see my post from … about food without the limits )

italian foodsicilian food
palermo foodvegetarian italian food
vegetarian sicilian speciality

It is the evening in Palermo.

palermo teatro massimo

At home, in an unofficial dress, I like to relax playing cards and planning my next journeys.

card games six-pack abs

Metody the bear.

2 thoughts on “Metody again in Palermo”

  1. Teraz zauważyłem! Ty masz własny aparat! Dlatego te zdjecia takie fajowe!:) Misie mają oko. Palermo – wiadomo. Przepiękne. Tak sobie jesc te lody na placyku… jak bylem w Rzymie to tez jadlem lody! Byly pycha! Gruszkowo-miodowe i z orzeszkami. Uwielbiam orzeszki!:) musze Ci podesłać kilka zdjęć z moich wloskich wakacji. Całusy!!

    1. O tak, koniecznie- bardzo chciałbym zobaczyć Twoje zdjęcia z Rzymu 😀 Jorgu, a Ty pijesz kawę? Bo ja nałogowo 😀

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