Metody visits Monreale in Sicily

Welcome everyone to Monreale near Palermo!

monreale cathedral front

We will admire here the byzantine art. Here is the plan:

It will take us to the heaven,

monreale cathedral interior mosaics

and I will guide you to the paradise!

monreale paradise arcades

We will see more examples of a decorating obsession.

monreale baroque decoration coral

At the end, we will find out if the art of the past influences the present art and craft of the local people of Sicily.

sicily folk art souvenir

We are in the cathedral of Monreale, the place built in a Byzantine style. I came here to admire the famous mosaics.

monreale cathedral byzantine mosaics

All this gold has a significance. It creates an impression that we are not in the real world. Here we touch the supernatural splendor and we are enlightened by its light

monreale cathedral gold mosaics

I think that the best way to appreciate the ceiling is to lay down on the floor.

monreale byzantine floor

One of these mosaics shows the creation of bears and other creatures and the story of the Noah’s ark.

monreale mosaics

I have a strange impression that someone is looking at me.

monreale christ pantocrator

“I hope you were a good bear, Metody…”

monreale jesus mosaic

Some parts of the cathedral are designed in a more familiar style.

sicily baroque

I found there amazing marble sculpted as a piece of fabric.

inlaid marble sicily

sicily marble sculpture

And the real fabric decorated with coral and silver thread. Btw. Coral is a typical material for jewellery from Sicily.

sicily coral jewellery

Outside the cathedral, we find a place called the paradise. I will guide you.

monreale paradise arcades

In any paradise, we should find a source of water,

monreale fountain

paradice fontain

a lot of greenery, a tree

monreale court

and animals.

monreale capitel scultpture

monreale columns

We have also some shadow to rest and sleep during hot days.

monreale arcades shadow

And everything is beautifuuuuuul.

decorated columns norman art

Enough with this paradise. Let’s go back to reality. In Monreale, I found examples of local folk art. Likewise the art from the past, It is unbelievable colourful.

sicily souvenir

Hallo, its me…

sicily colorful horse

These really resemble mosaics.

sicily mosaics souvenirs

Hi guys, are you on duty?

sicily puppets

At last, one useful tip. To get here from Palermo, you need to take a bus. However, the situation is dynamically changing, and I do not advice any concrete way how to get there. Look for updated information on the Internet. Do not be surprised if a bus does not come at the right time. There can be many excuses for the buses not to come. I can only recommend to be patient and not to loos your mood.

More from Palermo area soon.

teddy bear

Yours Metody

4 thoughts on “Metody visits Monreale in Sicily”

  1. Odebrało nam mowę. Rzeczywiście raj i niebo! Mozaiki wyglebutne niesamowicie. Bardzo Ci sie przyglądali, jak zwiedzałeś te świątynie? Ps. A w Szczawnicy busy tez jezdza jak chcą!

    1. Ahahahaah, ta Szczawnica to ma włoską fantazję 😀 Człowieki jak to człowieki, czasami się gapią jakby w życiu niedźwiedzia nie widzieli, generalnie wszyscy się na wszystkich gapią tylko czasem udają, że nie – ja też im odgapiam 😀 Jorgu, Ty musisz jechać do Palermo opowiedzieć Sycylijczykom o Szczawnicy 😀 Buziaki <3

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