Beary wear in Milan

Hi Guys! I am still in Milan. Wold you like to know where these postcards come from? From a museum in Milan called the Pinacoteca di Brera. But about this later.

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Last time, I showed you the incredible works of fashion designers I found walking down the streets of Milan. Today I will find out if the city itself, its culture and tradition, can inspire the marvellous designs we saw last time.

Before we start, let me have this relaxing coffee and write some greetings from Milan. By the way, I will remind you some facts about the story of the city.

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Milan is a city with very long history. It has been founded by Celts quite long time before it became a part of the Roman Empire.

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Then in early Christian period, Emperor Constantin established here the famous Edict of Milan guaranteeing freedom of the Christian religion. More or less in the same period, saint Ambrosius lived in the city. The rests of his body can be still seen in this early Christian basilica.

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The guys above wear, of course, fashionable clothes. In this way I come back to the topic of fashion in Milan. In the museum of Poldi Pezzoli, I found an exhibition of clothes from the époque.

DSC09613 (Kopiowanie)

Gold, each époque likes it.

DSC09618 (Kopiowanie)

Definitely, these pieces could inspire modern designers.

DSC09621 (Kopiowanie)

And also this paper wall… and this Chinese vase… could inspire someone.

DSC09626 (Kopiowanie)

I’ve seen also designers who could be inspired by this monk’s frock :)

DSC09632 (Kopiowanie)

If you do not like the minimalism this is something for you

DSC09644 (Kopiowanie)

DSC09635 (Kopiowanie) DSC09637 (Kopiowanie)

DSC09639 (Kopiowanie)“Where’s Wally?” or rather “Where is Metody?”

DSC09647 (Kopiowanie)

Ok. Now, a bite of a cornetto and then it is time to visit the Pinacoteca di Brera.

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DSC09655 (Kopiowanie)

DSC09660 (Kopiowanie)

Fashion inspirations also here.

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I would spend here more time telling you stories for hours. But I’m in a rush.
I have to change my clothes…

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DSC09588 (Kopiowanie)

and go to the La Scala Theatre.

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DSC09699 (Kopiowanie)

I see that my choice to wear the red suit with gold applications perfectly match to this place.

DSC09701 (Kopiowanie)

It would be a disaster to dress up improperly in Milan.

DSC09702 (Kopiowanie)

In Milan I couldn’t fail.

DSC09702 (Kopiowanie)

After the performance, I have to admit that the music was not bad, but I was definitely better dressed than all the singers. They were wearing jeans trousers :( I am not keen on all the trends in modern fashion.

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From the La Scala Theatre I went home on foot, because in this evening there was a strike of the local underground workers. I do not regret that. This gave me another chance to admire by night the most gothic cathedral in Italy. (As you know, the gothic style developed mainly in countries of northern Europe, has never been very popular in Italy.)

DSC09548 (Kopiowanie)

DSC09552 (Kopiowanie)

This is Metody the bear from Castello Sforzesco in Milan, Italy.

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(ps. as usual, XoXo)