Metody the bear in the Sicily, part 2, Noto

Hi there. Today I am in Noto in the Sicily. As you can see I am already a bit suntanned.

sicily noto

I have a nice hostel room. All for me with 12 beds. It lacks only the rest of the soccer team. Well, maybe the city is not very popular in travel agencies, but after this post, it will definitely change.

noto hostel

noto city of baroque

Noto, a litle bit of history

Noto is probably the most baroque city in the Island and maybe even in entire Italy. The reason why it is so beautiful is quite tragic. In the 17th century, the city has been completely destroyed by an earthquake. The rich owners of the city decided to rebuild it as the most modern city in Italy (at that time). Therefore, it is rebuilt in the most fashionable style of the time it is baroque of course 😉 Let’s judge the effect.

noto cathedral

Ok. My score is 7 out of 6.

noto cathedral church

Tasty local Sicilian food

The moment a thought about the scores and school came through my mind I got hungry immediately. Hurry up to grab something before siesta.
sicily palms
From one guy in the city I bought something made by his wife. Delicious.

typical food sicily tomatoes

For the dessert, something for the courageous guys. The fruit of a local cactus. Useful tips: do not forget to peel out it. And watch out that the spikes do not hurt your fur.

cactus cactus fruits

Bear fed –  bear ready to sightseeing.

teddybear clothes

Baroque art in Noto

noto street church

teddybear metody clothes

The characteristic features of all the region are the sculptures under the balconies imagining fantastic creatures. Ah, baroque!

baroque architecture

I will have my limb muscles like Schwarzenegger after all these steps.

baroque architecture noto

Kitty in Italian means il gatto .

amazing kitty

I will choose some beautiful postcard for my equally beautiful Lovely Weasel.

postcards from sicily

Evening in the city is unforgettable. There are lights in there, but it is not before Christmas.

lights hot night

I go to sleep. I am afraid I will have some nightmare after all this baroque.

noto hotels

Maybe I am not the most well-behaving bear in the world but when comes to eating I always empty my plate as the first one. Good boy.

breakfast sicily

After the breakfast, I head off further.

traveling sicily

Stay with me. Next stop Ragusa. And guess what… MORE BAROQUE and sun.

Xo Xo. Metody the bear.