Metody the bear in the Sicily, part 3, Modica

Hi there in the next day of my beary trip around Sicily. Travel by train is a quite good idea. But do not expect super-fast trains here. Instead, you have a lot of time to gaze at cactuses, grapevines and olive trees through the window.

journay to modica by train

Finally, I am in Modica. This city is famous for its chocolate, marzipan sweets and baroque. Let’s see what they have here.

modica square

Modica the places you must see

Beautiful mountain. I hope they have a lift.

modica sicily view panoramic

They do not have! But walking through these marvelous streets is a pleasure.

modica tourism

Here there are the steps…

sicily summer house

here there are the steps…

modica church san pietro

and here there are the steps…

modica church san pietro baroque

Probably, I can see the upper point.

modica saint giorgio cathedral

Wait, wait, I lost my breath. In this place, I have to say sorry about wearing the same shirt as the other day, you know, it is a big deal to pack everything up to just one backpack when you are a globetrotter in Italy. I promise it is still fresh :)

metody teddy bear clothes

Voilà! Here we are! I am in front of magnificent, wonderful, unimaginably beautiful building. And there are no steps anymore.

modica saint george cathedral

Give me another while. I am contemplating.

modica portal baroque art

And that’s how Modica looks like from the top.

modica view from the hill

And that’s how it looks from the inside.

saint george inside baroque ornaments

I see another globetrotter sitting there and contemplating.

modica gardens cat

The same way but down.

modica panoramic garden

modica monument

Marzipan sweets the best in Sicily

As I’ve already said Modica is famous for the sweets. Normally, in the whole Italy, you can buy marzipan only in the Christmas period. They are imported from Sicily. Here you can buy and eat them a whole year. The marzipan sweets are shaped in forms of real fruits. I bet that there is no fruit that is not copied yet by the pastry cooks from Sicily. The tradition of marzipan is related to Arabic domination on the island in the Middle Ages.  Sicily is a beary interesting mixture of different cultures and influences. Guess which fruit is real.

marzipan sweets marzipan sweets

marzipa sweets sicily

Another symbol of Sicily is the tripod with the mythical Gorgon’s head. I saw them in many different cities of Sicily.

symbol of sicily

I have enough sweets. Let me eat something spicy.

modica food

I need many calories because the next day I’m goin’ to Palermo, the capital city of Sicily. Stay with me there will be many breathtaking photos.

Xo Xo. Metody the bear.


6 thoughts on “Metody the bear in the Sicily, part 3, Modica”

  1. Przepadam za marcepanem! Ale chybabym padł, jakbym pokonał te schody. W Szczawnicy tez sa schody, wszedzie ( ale mnie noszą) Bo tez jest to uzdrowisko na górze! Ale nie ma baroku. Jest taka alepjsko- góralska zabudowa i PRL-sanatoryjny. I troche modernizmu z lat 30. Ale ogólnie fajniej na Sycylii. Bardzo Ci do twarzy z Sycylią! Pozdrawiam! Misiowe CIAO! ( to po wlosku, wiesz?)

    1. Szczawnica to musi być wspaniałe miejsce!Koniecznie muszę sie tam wybrać 😀 Na Sycylii jest tyle schodów, że Rocky Balboa mógłby na nich trenować, ja też trenowałem ale tylko mi się futro przepocociło 😀 Kolejne wpisy będą o Palermo (Palermo to prawie jak Szczawnica). “A dopo” ( to też po włosku tzn po futrze w dialekcie misiowym :) Buziaki

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