Metody the Bear & The horses’ heads :D

Hi Friends,

Today, I will show you famous Scottish attraction -The Keplies :)

Sooo Let’s do it!

I am on a train to Falkirk 😀 Love Scottish railway <3


To get close to The Keplies I had to take a train and a city bus, but finally, I am here 😀


We have here: flat water, coffee shops, pedals, mums with kids, few tourists including One Teddy Bear….and

22291590_2032838060188655_2305823678984610940_omy favourite ones: The Swans :)

22339284_2032838233521971_8802554932550531117_oCan you see those things behind my beary head? Yep! This is the stuff we want to explore :)

22291372_2032838413521953_1582648770570397357_oLong, wild, savage and dangerous road ahead 😀

22424191_2032838470188614_1040957127260726283_oBut I have The Swans 😀


With my every beary step we are closer and closer.


What are the Kelpies ?

The Kelpies are 30-metre-high horse-head sculptures, standing next to the new extension to the Forth and Clyde Canal. The two horses are forming together – a kind of gate 😉 Great tourist attraction 😀


Tadaaaaa!!! Here I am posing for the coolest photos ever!

22339343_2032839103521884_3259542239795135467_oEveryone who has been here, to Scotland, has to take this kind of pic 😉

22291385_2032839216855206_284930761153979375_oI couldn’t resist 😀

22291548_2032839563521838_2777656451609338352_oCan I hear the horses whining or my empty stomach?

22424235_2032839583521836_455674461885973199_oIn this place, I would like to show you the most famous and the most Scottish beverage -IRNBRU-  ginger like Scottish tribe, sweet like the evening in the pub and extremely sparkling like the Scottish language ;)! This drink gives the power, vigor, and bravery needed to be the real Scottish men 😀

22291567_2032840050188456_1152577739324152965_oAfter IRNBRU I have a craving for haggis but…

22338978_2032840236855104_5756704012395330064_oBut I chose the ice-cream. Come on! I am a Teddy Bear!

22256760_2032840323521762_4256483573652181853_oThe next stop of this beary trip is the Callendar Park. Here we can see GREEN! Something very rare in Scotland 😉 Yes, I am joking 😀 😀 😀

22256700_2032840400188421_262529393723731464_o 22256730_2032840576855070_9004111384440709377_o

Here I am in the golf area. Golf is very popular in Scotland. Maybe I will try ….one day :)22256563_2032840726855055_1186714372596482141_oNot far from the golf camp we can find the Palace. We can admire plenty of them in Scotland. Do you think that Taylor Swift wanted to buy exactly this one?


22383947_2032840790188382_1567095581164905246_oI am beary tired 😀

22338797_2032840853521709_4343363871347976959_oOk, time to go home. That is me. I hope you liked my trip to Falkirk to see The Kelpies 😀 Beary Hug!!! Metody the Bear.

And if you are planning to visit Scotland – don’t forget that this is a very windy place so definitely you have to take a scarf. To find some cool scarves see: